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Approximately 35% of Americans have completed a college degree! Our degrees prepare you for ministry related careers and statistics  reveal that the higher your education level the more you will make and the wider your influence will be! ! 
Certificate Programs

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Don't be mediocre in your calling, be the go expert with a Certification in a top sought after specialty. A degree is essential today and a certification seals the deal that you are expert and professional in your field. 
Frontier Missions
Certificate Course
Reg Price $1316
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Are you called to the nations? Have a passion for souls? Love adventure and new challenges? Discover the world of Global Missions with our "Frontier Missions" Certification program. You will take 3 courses in missions theology and preparation for the field. Includes 3 courses, study guides, exams and a Certificate in Frontier Missions. 
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School of the Holy Spirit $999

Discover how the Holy Spirit gifts and equips you for service! How to move in the Spirit, operate in your gifts, and do the supernatural ministry of Jesus Christ. 
20 hours of video lectures, study guide, and exam culminating with a certificate of completion. 
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Professional Christian Life Coaching $1069

Boost your confidence as a positive people helper. Different from counseling "New Psychology" or Life Coaching is a rapidly growing field that offers your clients effectiveness in all areas of life and career. It can offer you a great fulfilling ministry that pays higher rewards. Course covers 3 levels of coaching, 24 hours of video teaching, study guides, and exams culminating in a Master Professional Christian Life Coaching certification. 
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Suicide Prevention Training $219

The skills you need to become a real effective minister to the growing number of suicide victims and their families. Numbers are soaring as children through elderhood are struggling with taking their lives to find peace and significance. You can have the solution to offer identification, intervention, and guidance at this critical moment. Course covers 4 hours of video lecture, study guide, exam and certificate. 
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Professional Chaplaincy $799

Learn the many options available in Chaplaincy today! A very well paying, satisfying ministry career that will bless your life and the lives of hurting people. Course covers everything you need to know to understand, function, and effectively do the job of a chaplain. Course cover 12 hours of video lectures, study guides, and exams culminating with a certificate of completion. 

Study With Us & Gain Exceptional Bible Knowledge

Our top priority is to boost your personal relationship with Christ, enhance your prayer, study, and speaking skills. We emphasize the importance of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God in ministry and life. Wherever you are in life you will forever be grateful for the growth and blessing you will receive spending time to be the best you can for God and His people. 

About Accreditation

Integrity is not accredited by any governmental accrediting agency and does not plan to be however we are members with AICCS, Association of Independent Christian Colleges & Seminaries.- Members of AICCS credits, courses, and degrees are transferable to over 800 colleges and seminaries. Traditionally, schools of ministry have chosen to avoid governmental accreditation but rather embrace the scriptural principles that comprise who we are and why we exist as an ecclesiastical religious  training seminary. Our   credit worthiness is found in our Biblical curriculum, our successful  history, our highly qualified instructors along with our satisfied graduates testimonies.  
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